October 2018 Meeting Minutes

FOSCKO (Friends of Shorecrest and Kellogg Orchestra)


Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2018



Megan Sanderson, President; Jessica Wagner, Vice President; Valentina Visscher, Secretary; Elisa Hoelscher,Treasurer; Ellyn Saunders, Judith Cummings, Janae Kirby, Song Uh, Sara Sokolowski, Emory Hoelscher-Hull


Meeting was called to order by Megan. Song moved that minutes be approved, Elisa seconded, minutes approved.

By Laws —  second draft previously approved by Mark, group looked over, discussed, Elisa moved to approve, Sara seconded, By Laws unanimously approved.

Annual Meeting in June.

Bank signer worksheets to be completed.  Account opened with $100 and additional $2000 donation from Megan’s company for a balance of $2100.  Account gets verified for PayPal.

Button is up on FOSCKO webpage to be put on Facebook page.

Facebook widget can now stream Facebook on webpage.

Goodwill Truck — Janae. Planning on two trucks, 500 flyers are out and distributed. Volunteer kids are welcome – discussion about older kids vs. elementary kids.

Sign-making procedure is confusing for Mark (Emory is spearheading signage.) A lot of response to Goodwill Truck – Mr. Caruso has been promoting / Shorecrest Boosters / PTA. Suggestion was made that next time we could combine with a car wash.

Elisa — website update.  Lots of room, go look at, give feedback.  Homepage – add to calendar.  Videos can be added, Emory can help.  Write a post?  Wording has to be very careful to name FOSCKO but not Shorecrest.  We need to be careful with releases for minors.

Great ideas to bring in Kellogg parents: private teachers list, music camps, where to rent lists (ask rental places for donation in order to publicize.)

Calendars?  Suggested as a fundraising idea. Need a business liaison for tapping business donations.  Business sponsorships keep financial burden off parents.

Another fundraising idea was photos of kids with instruments.

Update on ensembles December 21.  Dustin (Jessica’s son) will recruit. Quartet- group will learn Holiday music to perform at Couth Buzzard in Greenwood, a one and a half hour gig.

Treasurer vacancy — Elisa volunteered, will learn QuickBooks from Megan. Motion to approve Elisa as treasurer by Sara seconded by Jessica, unanimously approved.

Jessica recalled Milner family tie to former student Ian McFeron that might possibly lead to a performance (?)

Business Liaison — keeps track of spreadsheet of local businesses to be added for sponsorships, corporate raffles, donations of gift cards. Kristy (grantwriter) may be interested in adding this.

Concessions Sales – ASB only – no slots available this year for FOSCKO.  Kids can volunteer at games, portion of proceeds will go to FOSCKO.

Logo Contest – kids draw logos, $50 Amazon card for winner.  Criteria embodies spirit of the Shorecrest and Kellogg string orchestras, FOSCKO in design easily recognizable, simple and clean for printing on all sorts of items.

How to draw more people to volunteer – talk before a meeting? Instrument maintenance, how to find a private teacher,…

Fundraising ideas for winter –

  • portraits of students (use Trent Mitchell’s or Tom Chin’s studios?).
  • Andy Denny suggested water bottles. Megan will get pricing and vendor for bottles with new logo, 100 count to start.
  • Dublin Dollars – corporate sponsors to do $5 t-shirts for kids to wear for advertising.
  • See’s Candy – lollipops and candy canes – made $4000 one year selling at Central Market – a chairperson will be needed for this: there’s lots of bookkeeping.
  • Holiday mass babysitting for a Parent’s Night Out – insurance a must.
  • Frozen yogurt makes zero dollars.
  • Restaurants – Lake Forest Grill, Mod Pizza, Chipotle, Jerseys, Habit Burgers – will give a portion of their income if you say you’re there to support a cause.
  • High School workshop for younger kids, $25 per.
  • Cascade Symphony does a ‘petting zoo’ of instruments, much discussion ensued.
  • Plant sales – hanging baskets – Jessica can look into this – Shoreline Christian School does this.
  • Poker Tournament – $25 buy-in to procure prizes.  Find folks to play poker.  Civic Club possible venue, did a successful Irish dinner.
  • Karaoke Bingo
  • Amazon Smile
  • Four fundraisers per year is the goal.

Night in Vienna – planning to start in January, target date March 2. Live and canned music.  Four hours.

Elisa — motion to adjourn; Jessica second.

Next FOSCKO meeting, November, 14th 6:30  Band room Shorecrest?


Respectfully submitted, Valentina Visscher, Secretary

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