May 29th Meeting Minutes

FOSCKO (Friends of Shorecrest and Kellogg Orchestra)    Meeting Minutes  May 29, 2019    Attendees  Mark Adamo, Megan Sanderson, Judith Cummings, Sarah Smith, Kevin Smith, Beth Isbell,  Jenae Kirby, Ellyn Saunders, Jessica Wagner, Frederika Klay, Elisa Hoelscher, Song Mi Uh,  Valentina Visscher, Sara Soko     Meeting was called to order at 6:45 by Megan Sanderson, outgoing president.  Corrections to minutes:  ECCO is actually ECCHO, a grant stipend is donated by Mark.  Seattle Youth Symphony: bass ​and​ violas are endangered instruments.  Looking at the minutes, the $100 for music in the parks and $150 per kid for trip scholarships  ideas were voted on. Motion to approve by Jessica W, seconded by Sara S, passed.    Open Issues:  Profit and Loss. July 1st – June 30th fiscal year.  Set up fees were $1,056.01 (for 501c3)  Annual fees: liability insurance, Secretary of State fee, PayPal fees  Concessions plus mugs – $1,066.87 (mugs are “free” with $25 donation.)  Nominations for new board members. A brief description as given as follows:  Vice President supports the President  Open President position: job is to create communication, delegate, lead, and be point of  contact.  Open Treasurer position: keeps books, pays insurance and other fees.  Secretary: takes minutes of meeting, currently held by Valentina.  Board positions are two-year terms.  Co-presidents volunteered: Sara Soko and Beth Isbell. Motion brought to approve the slate of  officers, motion seconded by Elisa H. Sara called for support from those present to keep FOSCKO  viable– All present were in favor, motion passed.  Slate of Officers is now:  Co-presidents – Sara Soko, Beth Isbell


Vice President – Jessica Wagner  Secretary – Valentina Visscher  Treasurer – Megan Sanderson  Need a web-page manager – Beth volunteered, Sara offered her husband to help with issues.  Ideas for web page inclusion are to upload orchestra academic plan and other items on Mark’s  Shorecrest page which can be hard to find.  Fundraising:  Couth Buzzard/coffee shop, donations and raffle.  Portraits — nice event but complicated, heavy on planning. Should be redone with  different planning and more profit. Most photographers were band parents. Use  professional photographer? Long day but a good service.  See’s Candy sold at concessions.  T-shirts – fun because of logo contest. Second runner up logo winner for this coming  year. Yearly contest? Minimum number needed for printing. Perhaps sell at concerts  and have some for those who see them on others. Order forms sent home with kids. How  to get the word out? Promote web page more. Beginnings of Facebook page, other social  media. Shorecrest music program has a Facebook page.  Mugs – rotating stock item  Goodwill truck end of September – October, same chair person as last year  Sell mugs at truck event.  Jessica presented a flier prototype which was passed around.  Date for Ice Cream Social possibly September 18 FOSCKO meeting. Couple with music? A  social event TBD, not necessarily ice cream, a fluid idea.  Other fundraisers — idea storm — straight up fundraisers like winter fruit sales, car  washes? Are they regulated? Roses – but from Costco, tie ribbons, sell at concerts for  kudos, recognition. Freeway rest stops coffee area? Consider amount of work vs.  amount of money raised.  Summer meeting – July 10 6:30 pm, location TBD Kellogg or Shorecrest  Regular meetings 6:30 pm – Sept 18, Nov 13, Jan 15, Mar 11, May 13   Budget/disbursement of funds:  Hold back $700 to cover overhead.  Much discussion for the remainder of funds followed. A motion was brought for funds over $700  to be allocated for scholarships. Sara seconded, all present in favor, motion passed.

Motion to adjourn by Mark, Song seconded.  Minutes respectfully submitted by: Valentina Visscher, secretary

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