Meeting Notes – 05/16/18

FOSCKO (Friends of ShoreCrest & Kellogg Orchestra) Meeting Minutes


I.           Call to order

Mark Adamo called to order the regular meeting of the FOSKO at 6:05 on 05-16-18 at Shorecrest Band Room.

II.            Roll call

Mark Adamo, introduced Megan Sanderson –President. The following people attended: Elisa Hoelscher, Valentina Visscher, Rosalie Contreras, Judith Cummings, Ellyn Saunders, Jenae Kirby, Maria Barrett

III.             Approval of minutes from last meeting

Inaugural meeting, no minutes to approve

IV.            Open issues

  1. Voting in New Board Members
    1. President-Megan Sanderson, VP-OPEN, Secretary -Valentina Visscher, Treasurer-Mary Barrett; voted on and approved.
  2. Website design and Implementation Committee Established
    1. Elisa Hoelscher will set up new web page, and donate the first year’s web hosting. Searching for the domain name
  3. Lobby volunteers were established for the upcoming May 22nd concert to take in donations and share information about FOSKO
  4. Posters or signs for behind donation table will be made (students?)
  5. Adamo will contact Mark McCartney in regards to lobby table (or he’ll make sure we have one)
    1. Jenae Kirby Volunteered to coordinate the setup of a Goodwill Truck donation event. She will find a date and keep us notified. Possibly October
    2. Discussed “Night in Vienna” dance. Mr. Adamo will work with Johanna to get some possible dates between Feb-Apr 2019. New music will be purchased. When we have a solid date will move forward with creating committees: Set up, Clean up, Decorations/Theme, Bake Sale/Snack Sale etc.

V.           New business

  1. Ask for parents to take video at the upcoming concert May 22nd for audition submittals for upcoming trips. Videos to be shot with each piece filmed separately for ease of use when submitting for audition (Mr. Adamo will reach out to some parents. Some of the meeting attendees felt they could also do it)
  2. The possibility of Disneyland in 2019 vs 2020 was brought up, so as not to conflict with the Marching Band, Flags, Highland Dancer trip to Ireland in 2020
  3. Discussion of Haunted House fundraiser began, but it was decided to table this until the June 20th
  4. Some sort of Leaflet/Flyer to be created and dropped off at the local Elementary Schools to introduce FOSKO to 6th grade parents for incoming middle schoolers. (Megan will design and print the first go round of this)

VI.            Adjournment 

Mark Adamo adjourned the meeting at 7:00 PM. Minutes submitted by: Megan Sanderson Minutes approved by: Name

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