Meeting Notes – 06/20/18

FOSCKO (Friends of Shorecrest and Kellogg Orchestra)

Meeting Minutes June 20, 2018


Mark Adamo, President; Megan Sanderson, Secretary; Valentina Visscher, Treasurer; Mary Barrett, Ellyn Saunders, Else Prichard, Elisa Hoelscher, Kristi Rettman, Judith Cummings, Eun-Young Ashby, Catherine Carr, Lisa Knowles, Jessica Wagner

Meeting was Called to order at 6:05; Mark moved that minutes be approved; Elisa seconded, minutes approved.

Jessica (Flowers) Wagner was to be presented and approved as Vice President.  (Had not as yet arrived)

Tax ID number and status has been approved – a 3 to 4 week process. By-Laws need to be composed for proposal, to be worked on by group. Then we move forward for 501c3 status.

Need for a social media volunteer: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — discussion ensued about how to get accomplished.

Jessica Wagner arrived and Mark moved that Jessica be approved as Vice President.  Seconded and approved.

Discussion about Student Ambassadors — Band group does this, drum major president etc. Mark will set this up with orchestra students. Start with Symphonic orchestra. President, Vice President, report each class. Mark will talk with Shorewood HS new director.

Academic Letters for Music? Proposal for orchestra to earn points such as attending meetings for varsity letter.

Haunted House fundraiser idea: Megan said we should go for it; WikiHow shows it’s not daunting. Boxes and screens can be used to build a maze. Phantom of the Opera theme with classic monsters.

Possible venues; use theater? Shoreline Christian gym, Kellogg gym or back gym? Set up Friday, breakdown Saturday pm.  Jessica Wagner will make calls for a venue.  Megan said to look at football schedule and Homecoming date. 19th and 20th of October? Tear down the 21st?

Fundraising Ideas: Dublin Dollars type of idea the band does. Keep track of hours of community service for the students to help figure an hourly rate for discounts on trips. Orchestra Officers can help with this.

Possible meeting the 2nd week of August for executive committee to talk dates. Web site is up; check it out, thanks to Elisa.

March 2nd, Night in Vienna in Commons

How to promote going forward? Neighborhood Community Facebook, Social Media, Kids sharing news, LFP and Shoreline city newsletters, Shoreline Arts Council, fliers. Getting tax exempt status is essential to move forward with grant writing etc.,  Jessica has a connection for proof reading grant writing. Possible grant sources: KUOW/NPR, UW, Music affiliation groups.

Busking at the farmers markets, possibly community service hours for playing; in Fall/December indoor Farmers markets, discussion of possibility for this. Fliers and information to pass out can be tricky if another busker is there. Mark said getting kids to play individually can be hard.

Perhaps the less busy kids at Kellogg? Do we need a busking license like at the Pike Public Market? Have an information booth with a donation bucket, laptop with slide show.

Schedule change for FOSCKO New time 6:30 for Wednesday nights. NEW BUSINESS:

Mark’s homework was to move up the California trip so as to not conflict with the band’s Ireland Trip. As it stands: 2018/2019 — Hawaii for Choir; 2019/2020 — San Diego/Ireland for Band; Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Orchestra to CA and a regional trip, NY possibly?

Date conflicts allow for us to have time to fund-raise. Focus on building up FOSCKO; kids are excited.

Mark moved to adjourn meeting; Elisa seconded..

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