November 2018 Meeting Minutes

FOSCKO (Friends of Shorecrest and Kellogg Orchestra)


Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2018



Megan Sanderson, Mark Adamo, Sara Sokolowski, Ann Mescher, Pam Dellet, Patrick Kirby, Emory Hoelscher-Hull, C. Dalma Ashby, Fredrika Klay, Catherine Carr, Song Mi Uh, Valentina Visscher (late arrival)


Meeting was called to order at 6:41 pm.  Minutes reviewed and amended: $, Facebook widget, FOSCKO and Shorecrest, Motion by SAS, 2nd by Mark Adamo.

Goodwill Truck Fundraiser recap: 1 truck plus 4 feet of 2nd truck = $700.00. Success!  Make it annual, Great advertising, Hours as posted,i.e., not ending early. Kid volunteers had fun.

Business Liason — need a volunteer for this position.  Goal is to have a spread sheet/database for cash or goods for raffle or perhaps an auction of what businesses get approached.  Reach out to Megan for a person who is interested as Megan has the list of businesses.

Couth Buzzard event: musicians? Small number, Mark has three; a trio, a pianist, a violinist, possibly a singer with a piano.  This is an “open mike night”. Start advertising after Thanksgiving.

Reports from student liaisons:  Not much progress on video to put on webpage.  Perhaps put snippets of concerts? Photos of students OK if not on “no photo” list from both schools.

LOGO contest:  a few entries, 5 total that met criteria of contest.  To go on premium items. Brochures, mugs, water bottles, T-shirts, etc.  Possibly have a logo contest for a T-shirt every year.

Much discussion about the most likely winner.  $50.00 Amazon card will go to the final winner.  All entries were looked at; 2 designs chosen from entries — one for T-shirt and one for mug perhaps.  Totebags for sheet music down the road? Copyright issues were discussed about OTIS logo (full body). Much discussion about original art versus using established image.  How to change #4 entry for example which has detail issues.

A tight, simple, readable, design is what is needed for our FOSCKO logo.

A re-look at all logo entries took place with a re-vote.  #2 entry was decided for mug logo and #3 entry for T-shirt logo. Megan and Mark will make final decision.  All entries will get a prize. Discussion on selling water bottles then mugs at concerts. Sell or give for a $25.00 donation? — discussion over how to sell/include in a minimum donation gift.

Vienna Dance — 1 hour dance lesson, 3 hours of music.

December 15th, orchestra room — Portrait fundraiser — pay online or send check.  Song, handout- nice samples — well done. Can be made a bigger event if we are successful this year.  4 to 5 volunteer photographers. Song will try to get orders for photos at concert. Volunteers needed, check-in desk. — 2 adults.  Assistants? Runners? Discussion on how many are needed. Send sign ups to Megan.

Bake sale tables at Shorecrest concerts.  Request for donated items. Individually wrapped – marked if peanuts or dietary restrictions, i.e., gluten free, etc.  Mark A. Will check if OK at Kellogg concerts.

3 concerts coming up: 11/28; 12/4; 12/11.

Web page: need someone versed in Word Press – an All Call to hopefully find someone.

December 12th, next meeting.  SYSO rep to discuss private teachers.  Possible to get a person to speak about boosters?

Financial report — handout.

New Business–school busses and instruments, any problems?  Not before, but now school busses are more crowded — new rules.

Next meeting December 12th, 6:30 at Kellogg.

Mark moved to adjourn meeting.  Megan seconded.


Minutes respectfully submitted by: Valentina Visscher, secretary

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