September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the FOSCKO Meeting — September 12th, 2018
Before arriving late, this secretary found there were an introduction of President, Megan Sanderson, and an explanation of what the purpose of FOSCKO is. A correction to the previous meeting minutes was that Jenae Kirby was left off the attendance of the previous meeting. Also, nice to get an email list to tap into to which Song Mi Uh volunteered to keep membership list current.
The Goodwill truck is a go for 10/20/18 from 2 to 5 pm. $600.00 for a filled truck and $300.00 for a half filled truck. They take certified e-waste and no furniture larger than and end table.
Publicity: 500 Fliers for orchestra kids to hand out? Banners to hang in Commons kids will make. PSAT email? Shoreline Arts Council.
Fundraisers: Haunted House, down the road. Cookie Dough — kick off Tues to Fri of homecoming; delivery date, early release day for kids 12/12. Need parental help.
WWW.FOSCKO.ORG — good tool for promoting, i.e., calendars and photos.
Bank signers: Megan Sanderson, president; Jessica Wagner, Vice President; and Valentina Visscher, Secretary. No Treasurer officer as of yet. Bank account will be at GBC International Bank.
Andy Denny has a music rights document/information we could find out about. Possibly to record music at concerts? Another music teacher does one cd a year. Mark Adamo will find out more information. Possibly score live a movie night?…this would be a BIG project.
New Business:
Ad into Shoreline area news (in print & Online). Megan will write up and submit to paper and Mark Adamo. Mark will review article before going to print
FOSCKO slide show to run from trips/festivals?
Someone to photograph backstage during tune up at concerts. How’s to stop others from photographing/recording if they see designated person?
Tables at concerts for donations. Mock up of brochures passed out. Refreshments at concerts? Have Kellogg kids serve at SC and vice versa.
Getting a P.O. Box
Schedules of concerts on webpage and canvas.
Need a fundraising coordinator to help with refreshments. Sarah Sokolowski volunteered. Donation box at every concert. Discussion about how to do refreshments at concerts, VP of FOSCKO to help Sarah
Concerts upcoming: SC 11/28; 12/4 Kellogg 12/11. Jazz band 1st concert 11/20
Megan email: Megan
Mark moved to adjourn meeting, Sarah seconded. Next Meeting, Oct. 17th 6;30 pm @ Kellogg.
Respectfully submitted by secretary, Valentina Visscher

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